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Though repeatedly shuttled between Hanoi – Hoian then onward to Saigon in my old time career, Hoian ancient town has always been on top of my favored destination list. Travelers to Hoian, believe or not, will find the common interest in the charming character of the ancient quarter, the old type Chinese and Japanese crossed architecture, the friendliness of Hoian locals or simply the irresistible yummy foods in every corners that Hoian has of plenty to explore. I’m of no exception and always got excited right upon arrival then found my stay either too short or the days should be 24 hours longer:-))

Early morning Hoian town

Early morning Hoian town

Travelers to Vietnam may grab some history of Hoian ancient town which can be dated back the 16th-17th century when it was a busy port area and where all merchants came by boats and exchanged/traded their stuffs, goods or any kind of marketable commodities. It helps to explain the charming tradition, its aged-old architecture and  and the reminiscence ambiance of Hoian is highly recommended on the world travel map and the best way to feel it in this modern day is doing a walk to Hoian ancient quarter in the early morning.

Early market time at Hoian central market

Early time at Hoian central market

Awesome, extremely beautiful, so peaceful… are often the words when the early bird walkers of Hoian exclaimed. This is the time where traveler see no line-up shops as in a daylight market fair. This is also the time when the traffic is still slept, locals are still indoor with their sleep and there is not at all business activities taking place on the little streets Hoian has been well known for. Hoian ancient quarter then looks like itself in the olden days, quiet, full of charms and ready for you to have your relaxing walk and feel the tranquility it has to offer. Your walk will also lead to the river bank for you to take picture to the other side of the town named An Hoi, before ending up at the central market. Take the chance, walk around and learn any cultural exposure of a local market and its early attendants to show. Put your camera on and I’m sure there will be lots of good photo moments and a deep memory of this lovely town in your overall Vietnam travel experience.

Banh My Kep Thit, a popular kind of breakfast

Banh My Kep Thit, a popular kind of breakfast

If you come with a bicycle, there will be no sacrifice in experience. In fact, traveler can extend your time for 10 minutes ride to the beach where some of the sunrise photo opps to wait for, along with some peaceful scenic landscape of a rural part of Hoian has to boast.

Tips: Start at 5 am in the summer time ( Apr to Oct ) or 5.30 in the winter time ( Nov to Mar ). Good walking shoes ( if walk ) or a bicycle ( make sure it is not flat tyre ) and don’t forget your camera. If you are ready to skip hotel breakfast to have more local interaction, bring some changes to buy “Banh My Kep Thit” at the famous Ms Phuong – Banh My shop ( No 2 Phan Chau Trinh str ) and order a cafe “sua da” at the nearby Hoian Historic Cafe Garden. There you go!

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