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Vietnam family tour package 2019 – Top 4 exciting activities to experience https://www.indochinavoyages.com/travel-blog/vietnam-family-tour-package-2019-top-4-activities

Traveling with your kids is always not an easy task and many people find it challenging to design a Vietnam family tour package. Your kids may get bored by a classic itinerary with so many museums, temples, pagodas, etc. I bet you wish you would find this blog sooner as with below suggestions, your work will be so much easier.

A trip of Halong Bay overnight cruise

A Vietnam family tour package 2019 will not be completed without an overnight cruise trip in Halong Bay. It is because such excursion offers many interesting activities that all family members will enjoy together. Most of the children are keen on exploring the beautiful outdoors. So you and your kids will have the chance to discover amazing caves with a Halong Bay overnight cruise. You will be surprised at how attentive your kids are when they are hearing how the cave was formed.



Discovering amazing caves in Halong Bay with your kids

Another fun part is kayaking. This activity is often voted as a highlight when your travel to Halong Bay that both the young and middle-aged people enjoy. If you are traveling in a big family with elderly, the boat often offer rowing boat ride as an alternative. When night falls, the family can just chat on the sundeck to enjoy the sky on the sea or try squid fishing. On the second morning, some boats offer a trip to a local floating fishing village and you may teach your kids how the pearl is naturally created.



Kayaking – a fun activity in most of Vietnam family tour packages

Zipline in Phong Nha

Another activity that can build up the great family holidays to Vietnam is zipline in Phong Nha Quang Binh. To reach Phong Nha from Hanoi, a short flight of 1 hour and 30 minutes is recommended. There is only 01 flight per day which is operated by Vietnam Airlines. If you like the idea of visiting Phong Nha, you better book a Vietnam tour package with airfare in advance, as soon as possible. For those who need to travel on a budget or in case, the flight is sold out, night train is the second choice. The train leaves from Hanoi in late evening and reaches Dong Hoi by next morning.

Top popular attractions in Phong Nha are Phong Nha Cave, Paradise Cave, and Dark Cave. Among those mentioned places, your kids will definitely choose Dark Cave where an adventure 400 meter double-zip line have been opened since 2014. Your family will have so much fun with the mud bath and swimming. Photo opportunities are great too!



Zipline to Dark Cave in Phong Nha-Ke Bang is a must for an adventure family package

Hoi An ancient town

Let’s come to Hoi An next. This ancient town is my favorite place of all time. There is a very interesting experience for family – Cooking Class. Red Bridge Cooking School is what you may find after countless research on Tripadvisor and this company will not let you down. The meeting point is at Hai Café in No. 98 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street. This place is located in the ancient town where cars are not allowed so you will have to find your own way there. If you are staying at nearby hotels, it is easy to just walk to the cafe. Else, all family members together bike there will be lovely too.



Biking in Hoi An ancient town

Joining this class, you will have a chance to visit a busy local market, talk, and bargain with some local sellers as well as learn about unique ingredients that are often used in Vietnamese dishes. Your family will also have time for a short cruise on Hoi An River for approximately 25 minutes to reach Red Bridge Cooking School. This is a great opportunity to enjoy the local lives along the river. Attending 2 hours cooking class will bring your family a lot of beautiful memories. When back home, whenever missing Vietnam family holidays 2019, all members can prepare a Vietnamese meal together. It is such a nice gift to bring home! Updated price in November 2018, the seat in coach costs US$33 per person. Also, private class can be arranged upon request and with a surcharge.



Hoi An is the best place for a cooking class

Exploring Saigon at night on Motorbikes

My last stop is Saigon and the picked activity is exploring Saigon at night on Motorbikes. Such a tour often starts around 18:00 then you can combine it with your classic city tour/Cu Chi tunnels tour or even Mekong Delta day tour. The best thing about this activity is that you will be taken to interesting places that normally other tourists do not know. This is the final stop where all the remaining money should be spent.



Saigon vespa tour

Motorbike riders will bring you through China Town where you can do shopping at popular spots. After that, a light dinner with some unique local dishes will complete your night. This tour is safe and suitable for both elderly and children as. Your drivers are regularly trained and tested as safety is the 1st concern. If you have a small kid the he/she should with you. For children from 7 years old and above, he/she will need to ride with a local driver. The good news is the kids love this experience. Based on your travel interests and budget, you can choose Saigon Vespa tour or normal motorbikes which are cheaper. For me, I chose normal motorbikes as it is considerably cheaper I want to be a part of local life.



Exploring Saigon by night is best by motorbike

Last but not least, please have a look at a list of related Vietnam tours 2019 below for your reference:

Now, anyone can plan a great, memorable and meaningful Vietnam family tour package. Traveling with your kids or your elderly parent can be fun and worry-free if you know about the above activities.


Huyen Nguyen – Travel Specialist

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Vietnam and Cambodia tours 2019 – Top list of things not to forget https://www.indochinavoyages.com/travel-blog/vietnam-and-cambodia-tours-2019-things-not-forget

If you find packing for your Vietnam and Cambodia tours 2019 difficult, check out our Vietnam and Cambodia packing list about all the things you should bring along to these beautiful countries.



Explore Angkor Wat with Vietnam and Cambodia tours 2019

Vietnam and Cambodia visa

Before getting to any country, it is necessary that you will need your visa. Firstly, check your passport if it is valid for at least 6 months counting from your arrival date.

For both countries, there are 3 main ways to obtain it; which are via Embassy in your home town, E-Visa and visa on arrival. The first option as well as Vietnam E-visa and Cambodia E-visa have to be prepared in prior to your departure to our countries; and apart from the visa itself and your passport which is a must for your travel, you do not need to bring any other documents. Meanwhile, for visa on arrival, remember to bring the approval letter for visa on arrival to Vietnam, 02 passport-sized photos and cash for visa stamping fee.

Cambodia visa stamping fee is US$30 per person, Vietnam visa stamping fee is US$25 per person.



Vietnam visa

Vietnam and Cambodia packing list

The weather in Vietnam and Cambodia is quite the same, despite the fact that temperature in Cambodia is higher than Vietnam. So the packing list is expected to be just one.


Basically, you will need cash or some planned amount on your credit card for your vacation. Most of it will be for main meals, drinking water, sightseeing tickets, laundry, tips, taxi/transportation fee, etc.

  • Transportation

Once arriving at the airport, you will need a cab taking you to your hotel. This fee is from US$10-20 and will be less in some places such as Ho Chi Minh City where the airport is closed to the city center. For the other excursions, you can also use taxi; but there’re quite a lot of scam for tourist taxi in big cities and Grab – the most convenient and cost-saving for private car/taxi services using the base of internet. However this will only easily apply for ones who plan meticulously of all the spots they want to go, the fee can be from US$1.5 – 3/excursion

  • Food and drink

Street food is incredibly cheap like US$1-2 for a “banh mi”, US$2-2.5 for a bowl of Pho noodle or Bun Bo Hue or Hu Tieu, US$2.5-3 for a plate of chicken rice etc. A bottle of beer costs US$2 and for a dinning out with a set menu, the price is around US$10-15 per person.

  • Tipping

Tipping isn’t a norm while traveling, but expected in many countries especially in Vietnam and Cambodia while their tourism is developing. We have an useful guideline for tipping in Vietnam here, you might want to take a look: https://www.indochinavoyages.com/travel-blog/tipping-in-vietnam



Vietnamese Dong

If you already book the package holidays to Vietnam and Cambodia from your home which most tours include lunches and the tickets for your touring days so that you do not have to bring much cash in your pocket. You can use US$ notes for restaurants, tipping or souvenirs but it is more cost-effective if you convert the majority of the cash in Vietnamese Dong and Cambodia Riel. You can easily do it at the airport in the arriving country.



Cambodian Riel

Medical Items

  • For the safe Vietnam and Cambodia holidays 2019, pack a first-aid kit with bandages, disinfectant, tweezers and an anti-diarrhea medicine, you can quickly treat cuts and scratches and stop them from getting infected. To avoid some problems occurred with foreign pharmacies like some medicines that are unavailable, poor in quality or unclear origin, make sure to bring prescripted medications in quantities large enough to use during your trip.
  • Sun cream to avoid the extreme heat and the long day time during summer in Vietnam and Cambodia
  • Insect repellent especially for the countryside area


Clothes made by cotton are highly recommended which will absorb much of your sweat; as Vietnam and Cambodia can be hot and humid all the time. For visiting temples and religious places, choose pants that cover your knees, long skirts or t-shirt with sleeves and modest neckline. Shoes, long pants and water-proof light jacket are suitable for rainy season.

You do not have to bring a lot of clothes when coming to Vietnam and Cambodia tours as things here are quite cheap and the laundry services are everywhere with fair price and good quality.



Eazy laundry and dry service in Cambodia

Other stuff

  • Water resist phone bag

There are a lot of interesting water activities throughout your Vietnam and Cambodia holidays; not only beach time or snorkeling, but also river boating in Ninh Binh, Quang Binh, Tonle Sap Lake, etc. So make sure to have a water-resist phone bag with you to protect your phone from downpours of rain and to have some good shot under water.

  • Flight tickets, hotel vouchers

You should keep them handy with theirs phone number and address in details; so that you will never get lost on the streets and always can find your way back to your hotel.

  • Sunglasses and hat

  • Travel money belt body wallet



Be cautious of petty thief

  • Extra memory card

You will take tons of pictures during Vietnam and Cambodia trip because the sceneries are all beautiful and not repetitive.

Together with a lot of things to prepare before the trip, looking for the best tour companies for Vietnam and Cambodia package tour is essential. I believe it will be much easier if you go with Indochina Voyages, including 2 typical types of Vietnam and Cambodia tours 2019 such as Vietnam & Cambodia Discovery 15 days and Southern Vietnam & Cambodia Discovery 13 days. Not only assist the travelers with reasonable itinerary that matches the guests’ interests but also as an expert in the area; we bring out the very helpful advice to save a lot of your time and budget. Let’s have a look then choose the one that suits you the most or simply send us an email, we will get back to you shortly. Happy traveling!


Daniel Nguyen – Travel Specialist

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Thailand itinerary 1 week – 5 useful suggestions to design your trip https://www.indochinavoyages.com/travel-blog/thailand-itinerary-1-week-5-useful-suggestions

The capital city of Bangkok and Chiang Mai are two main places that you should add on your Thailand itinerary 1 week. For history buffs, a visit to Ayutthaya or Kanchanaburi is lovely too. You are planning a trip to Thailand and wondering what to do in this country for a week. Below suggestions may help:


Most international flights fly in and out to/from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport. Then this capital city is definitely the first place to check – out before you make your way further to the mountain or the islands. There are some main Bangkok attractions that you should not miss Wat Po, Grand Palace, Golden Mount Wat Saket. Enjoying a boat trip on Chao Phraya River see the local lives along the rivers at sunset is also an interesting activity.



Explore Bangkok after dark – the first stop for 7 days in Thailand

At night, there are many things to do in Bangkok. You can go for a dinner with Thai traditional dance show or book a nice dinner cruise on Chao Praya river to see the city when the sun goes down and the lights lit. For those who keen on martial arts, Muay Thai Live is a good show to spend your night. Show starts from 19:00 to 22:30 and it is not available on Monday.

Day trip from Bangkok

If you are interested in history, an Ayutthaya day trip from Bangkok is a very nice idea. Ayutthaya is well known as the former Royal Capital – Thailand tours from Bangkok to Ayutthaya is classic, yet it can be done in a very unique way. Experiencing local train is always a fun activity and a great opportunity for local learning. From your hotel in Bangkok, take a ride to the railway station then jump on a local train and head to the north. You will have a chance to see Bang Pa In, also called as summer palace which was formerly used by the ancient kings of Thailand.



What to do in Thailand for a week? Make sure you spend a full day for Ayutthaya

The next adventure is taking a boat trip in Ayutthaya, like we travel back in time, as the world merchants did. It worth to hire an expert tour guide for your day trip so you can know interesting stories about Portuguese, Japanese and Dutch traders who stayed and did business there. The last attraction on this trip is exploring old temples and ruins in the central area.

Floating Markets in Thailand

Searching where to go for 7 days in Thailand itinerary, you will surely encounter some articles/blogs mentioning floating markets in Thailand. The most famous place is Damnoen Saduak floating market. This well-known floating market can be combined with the River Kwai-area to make another full day of experiences. The special way to see the market is by a long-tailed boat, rowing through narrow canals and orchards.



Damnoen Saduak – the most well-known floating market near Bangkok

There is only one special warning – make sure that your cameras are fully charged as photo opportunities will be endless. I enjoy watching the Thai old ladies chatting and laughing on their small little wooden boats and the way they use their long sticks to hand your changes over to you. After spending a half day at the market, you will also have a chance to see Kanchanaburi, pay a visit to the Thai-Burma railway museum and then show your respect during a short stop at the World War II Cemetery.

Chiang Mai

Thailand itinerary 7 days will not be completed without Chiang Mai. From Bangkok, you will take a short flight to Chiang Mai Thailand for 1 hour and 20 minutes by Bangkok Airways. This is just a short flight so cheap airlines also work pretty well if you want to save costs. There are many nice temples in Chiang Mai. Yet if you are not a big fan of temples, Doi Suthep is the only place that you should cover. For family vacations, the kids love elephants to make sure that you plan a full day for them to take care of these adorable creatures. Best places for elephant caring are Elephant Nature Park, Patara Elephant Farm, Eco Elephant Care.



Elephant Caring Day – a joyful day to experience with your kids

Joining this activity, you will have a day without stress, just live with nature with a lot of fun. Preparing good for the baby elephants, taking them to the waterfalls and bath for them. This is also a good experience for your children to teach them how to treat animals with respect and love.

Is one week in Thailand enough?

7 days in Thailand is very tight to enjoy the beach. It would be great if you are able to extend your vacation, at least three extra nights for beach relaxation. From Chiang Mai, there are direct flights to Phuket and Koh Samui – best islands to visit in Thailand. Phuket may be more touristy and crowded by backpackers so if your budget allows, go for Koh Samui. Another option for beach, if you have more than three nights is Krabi and Phi Phi Island, you will take a flight to Krabi, stay the first night in Railay Beach then take a speed boat/local ferry to Phi Phi Island on the next day.



Koh Samui is one of the best islands to visit in thailand

Planning a Thailand itinerary 1 week may be an overwhelming task as there are so many appealing places. Unless you have more than a week for this country, Bangkok and Chiang Mai – two main attractions of Classic Thailand 7 days tour – will be the best options for first comers.


Huyen Nguyen – Travel Specialist

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