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When talking about beach paradise, where will you think of? It may be Bali, Maldives, Koh Rong Saloem… These are definitely beautiful. But you may not know that in Vietnam we also have an enchanting island named Mong Tay which is not less graceful than any other islands. In this March, without calculating or planning in advance, I got a very good flight ticket deal to Phu Quoc. So BOOM! I have been there and enjoyed my exciting trip with the most unique experiences – exploring Mong Tay Island.
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Mong Tay islands is also called “Fingernail Island” or “Nail Island” is a small island located just off the Vung Bau beach – near to Phu Quoc island town, Kieng Giang province and is an eco-tourism destination famous for snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing and kayaking. It has two zones: the south zone is where you will find most island flora with a few sea bird nests and the northern zone lying the small beach with coarse white sand. Today, we are going to discover the south part aka Robinson Island.

The beautiful Mong Tay island

The beautiful Mong Tay island- source: internet

The legend of its name comes from a true story about a real “Robinson” ­– Mr An, the king of the island, the “blind knight”. 13 years ago, he himself swam from the mainland to this island, brought along food and drink, forecasted the storms, and turned it into an alive island. Nowadays, the island, beach and coastal waters are protected and are belonged to the Kien Giang Biosphere Reserve.

To come to this beautiful island, the only way is getting on boat/cano from An Thoi port.

The locations of two Fingernail Island in the North and South side

The locations of two Fingernail Island in the North and South side- source: internet


  • Swim and relax on the beach: The sea here is calm in the dry season and there are rarely underwater currents which make this an ideal destination for friends, couples and even your entire family. The beach is really stunning and picturesque where you feel like living in a true heaven – the sand is white and powdery, the water’s color in in blue and green and so clear that you can totally see any of the creatures living beneath.
Relaxing with sun, sea and sand

Relaxing with sun, sea and sand- source: internet

Swimming in bluish green water

Swimming in bluish green water-source: internet

  • Snorkeling: The green reef around the south Mong Tay island is shallow which makes it perfect for snorkeling. Coral ecosystem in here is very diversified with 17 different types including sea anemone. There are a few hard coral species and seaweed and many scattered rocks. Also, you may be able to see small school of barracudas, giant clam, puffer fish as well as Technicolor fish.
Beautiful green reef under clear water

Beautiful green reef under clear water- source: intenret

  • Fishing and have BBQ on the beach: For setting up the BBQ party, you can possibly buy seafood from the An Thoi port before your departure or go fishing to catch your own fish, that would be a very memorable meal.
Handmade seafood BBQ

Handmade seafood BBQ- source: internet

After this trip, I am thinking of postponing my excursion to Maldives for at least 3-5 years because I still enjoy and miss the Robinson Island. So if you are looking for a sun-sea-sand vacation to where is less touristy than Maldives, Mong Tay Island – Phu Quoc Island – Vietnam always welcome you!



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You have just returned from Sapa on a night train and had a quite good sleep after a long ride.  Then you do not feel worth getting a day-use hotel for such a short time until your trip to Halong Bay, Ninh Binh or Hanoi City Tour is coming. You are thinking of the nice breakfast and café for a rest to get ready for your day trip. Or more simply, you are sick of the daily breakfast at your hotel and need a change for an early morning breakfast. If so, this article is written only for you. Let’s explore the world of breakfast with Indochina Voyages
  1. Pho Huyen – Hot noodle soup

For Hanoian, the morning will be incomplete without a hot and tasty bowl of “pho” – noodle soup whether in a chilly day or a scorching day. This small restaurant specializes in serving the best chicken noodle with both hot noodle soup and mixed noodle. After your hungry belly is already filled up, you can enjoy a cup of hot milk coffee right at this location and observe the peaceful streets turning into bustle streets  that is promised to be one of the most memorable moment in Hanoi.
Image result for pho huyen noodle chaulongImage result for pho huyen noodle chaulong

If your time permits, a quick visit to the Chau Long Market nearby and combine with a trip around Truc Bach Lake will be a nice option for a full taste of local city life. The Chau Long Market is a traditional wet market with mostly fresh vegetables, fish, meat and certainly, seasonal fruits so you can catch a lot of nice photos of selling and buying activities from both locals and expats. Therefore, you may easily understand why this becomes an usual place for a Cooking Class inside the Old Quarter.

  • Address: 31 Chau Long, Truc Bach, Ba Dinh
  • Highlights: The mixed chicken noodle is a “must-try” dish of this small and clean restaurant.
  • Price: from 50,000 VND
  1. Quan Cu

The name “Quan Cu” reminds each Vietnamese people of the old restaurant with the real Northern flavor. The restaurant only serves a limited choices of the “Bun Thang” (Hot chicken vermicelli noodle with egg and pork), “Pho Ga” and “Xoi Ga” (Chicken rice) for breakfast but many locals determines this is the best Bun Thang in their lives.

At the old days, the Bun Thang is cooked after the Tet – New Year Holiday as this soup is made from all of the leftover: from pork cake, boiled chicken, shrimp  to vegetables. The light flavor helps relief after a couple of days eating rich protein food.  However, this stunning cuisine becomes a precious one for Hanoi food lovers as at first sight, the bowl looks so simple with several ingredients  but to prepare for the eye-catching performance, it requires a long process with dozen of ingredients such as herbs, pig bones, mushroom, shrimp paste. Nowadays, Bun Thang is not only for Tet as people have less time to prepare for such a special food like this.

Image result for bun thang quan cu

If staying in Hanoi, you should give it a try once in a life time to know the origional taste of Northern Vietnamese noodle.

  • Address: 31A Phan Dinh Phung Street
  • Highlights: As you may find it worrying about a bit shrimp paste put into the Bun Thang bowl. But the secret of this dish stays at the thing that the awful smell will be erased by the hot soup pouring into the bowl.
  • Price: from 50,000 VND


  1. Xoi Yen – Glutinous rice

I have heard quite a lot of complaints from my tourists that why they are served “pho bo”, “pho ga” or kind of soup everyday at every place throughout Vietnam. So now enjoying such a dry dish which is sticky rice – “xoi” will be a good replacement to provide your body a huge source of energy. Let’s pass by the Xoi Yen restaurant which is considered to be the 1st Xoi in Hanoi.

The basic sticky rice served is often Xoi Xeo – ground mung bean sticky rice with fried onions and a plenty of choices for authentic and yummy topping:  shredded chicken with mushroom, steamed chicken breast, minced pork, pork cake, fried/braised egg or Chinese sausage and various veggies. Having a glass of soy bean milk is much better to avoid the filling up feeling.Related image

  • Address: 35B Nguyen Huu Huan Str., just a couple of blocks from Sword Lake.
  • Highlights: The restaurant has an English menu with fast service and a nice balcony sitting area on the 2nd If you are vegetarian, this place also satisfies your needs. However, the mixed xoi (xoi thap cam with all the the topping above) is more than enough for a man’s belly.
  • Price: from 25,000 VND
  1. Banh cuon Thanh Van – Steamed Rolled cake

Bánh cuốn (literally “rolled cake”) is a dish from northern Vietnam. It looks like a crêpe roll made from a thin, delicate and wide sheet of steamed rice flour filled with ground pork, minced wood ear & mushroom.

Image result for banh cuon thanh van

The complete hot dish is only serve when you order and usually consists of chả lụa (Vietnamese pork sausage) and bean sprouts, with the dipping sauce called “nước chấm” and inevitably some special fresh herbs eating together.

While waiting for your food or enjoying the banh cuon, you may have a chance to see the cook to skillfully demonstrate the whole amazing process, from spreading out the raw wet rice flour to wrapping the cooked rice sheet with meatball, mushroom and serves those on the dish without forgetting slices of fried onions on top. You can ask for a steamed egg if need but it may take a several more minutes to wait.

  • Address: 12 Hang Ga Str, Hoan Kiem
  • Highlights: It is certainly the Banh Cuon: soft as silk, a bit chewy, a bit oily with sweet-sour-spicy-salty dipping sauce.
  • Price: from 20,000 VND

I believe that the list of detailed food for an early morning adventure may be of your expectation to embark on a busy day ahead.

Good morning Hanoi and happy traveling!

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In previous chapters, I have mentioned many tasty dishes made of 2 special noodles, bun and pho. Today, let’s me be your foodie tour guide again for another 8 minutes. I bet this time, you will not regret, for sure. Many of my friends are sweet teeth, so we can gather together and find new places offering wonderful dessert. Here is our best list.

Traditional sweeties

Hanoi has many sweet foods, so it is a big mistake if you have not tried one when visiting this beautiful city. Basically, like many Asian countries, most of Vietnamese sweeties are made of sticky rice or its powder.

Floating Cake

Floating Cake- source: internet

Han Thuc (Cold Food) festival was few days ago. On that day, people often eat Troi Cake and Chay Cake. Troi cake is a ball of sticky rice powder with palm sugar inside. Many cute white balls will be boiled and served cold. When they are well cooked, they will be floating on the water so it also has other name which is Floating Cake.  Chay Cake is similar to Troi cake, but instead of palm sugar, it is filled with mung bean or green bean paste. Chay Cake also has a second name, Lean Cake. Both of them will be sprinkled with some sesame on the top. They are sooooooo delicious as all the ingredients blend into each other well.  The sweetness from sugar, the stickiness of glutinous dough, and the rich, nutty flavor of sesame can make you eat the dish unstoppably.

Banh Chay

Banh Chay- source: internet

You can find those foods in many street vendors appearing in almost every corner in Hanoi. However, if you want to sit down, there are 2 shops offering those foods in high quality, according to may experience. The first one is right at the corner of Luong Van Can and Hang Bo Street. It is small but always crowded. The price range is from 15000 VND to 30000 VND per dish. I think you might not be able to eat over 30000 VND as this shop’s products are quite too sweet for some people. My friends love it but I think they have too much of sugar. The second one is located near Ham Long Church. It takes quite a bit of time to walk from the centre to there, but if you have scooter, your iron horse will bring you there in just 10 minutes. The price in this shop is similar to the one on Luong Van Can Street.

New emerging sweet foods

Dark Brown rice (Black Rice)

Dark Brown rice (Black Rice)- source: internet

Hanoian loves food, generation after generation, so it is easy to understand why there are always new sweeties in this ancient city. The thing I like most is Sua Chua Nep Cam (Yoghurt with Black Sticky Rice). It is sweet but not too sweet; it also has a light flavor of yoghurt blending perfectly with Black Sticky Rice. Can you imagine it? It is super good for someone like me, who loves sweetie but hate obesity, love sweetness but hate being sweat when doing work out, like eating wonderful food but want to have a strong heart. Since this food provides a lot of fiber and many nutrients from dark brown (black) rice and yoghurt, I can happily and peacefully enjoy it without feeling deeply regret later.

You can find Sua Chua Nep Cam in mostly café and dessert shops, especially the ones for teenagers. In Giang Café, which is famous for egg coffee also offers this lovely food.

Giang Café

Giang Café- source: interent

I hope after reading this article, you will have a few ideas about where to eat in Hanoi. I know it is hard to choose as Hanoi has too many wonderful foods to discover, so maybe my friends who run some interesting tours for foodie can help you. You can contact at Indochina tours Vietnam. Last but not least, don’t forget to read the next chapters, I hope you will have a colorful time in Vietnam. See you soon!

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I guess that after reading the title, many will feel so curious of this new world. Although this place is so close to the Old Quarter, the belated heart of Hanoi with various choices of food, it has its own features of food that no one will forget after a try.In order to enjoy this special food your, you are free for 3 options: a private car, a motorbike or a bike. These private vehicles let you stop at any places of your interest for photos hunting. There are two times of the day that are highly suggested for you to visit the lake, sunrise and sunset as those are great chances to take stunning photos of the sky and the water. If you start at any other time of the days, you will also find a lot other great moments along this largest lake of Hanoi.

To get more information about Hanoi, you can view: Hanoi Cycling Tour

West Lake in the afternoon

West Lake in the afternoon- source: internet

Now we may start with the most traditional drink of Vietnam: coffee with milk. It is not surprising that the Bloomberg once reviewed that this specialty will be fit in the top 10 coffee drink in the world. Also, the President Obama on his trip to Vietnam also listed this coffee is a must try beverage in our country. A bit deliciously sweet condensed milk with dark-roasted coffee whether hot or cold may wake you up for a new day ahead, especially when sitting in front of the spacious lake to enjoy the fresh and clean atmosphere. You may easily find any coffee shop around the lake, or simply, just stop next to the Quan Thanh Temple, along the Thanh Nien street to find the most favorite one.

Enjoy a cup of coffee in West lake

Enjoy a cup of coffee in West lake- source: internet

Shrimp cake in West lake

Shrimp cake in West lake- source: internet

After coffee time, we will be ready for our food tour as I promised, do not forget to you’re your stomach before going on. Take a short ride or drive to the Temple of Mother Godness, in Vietnamese it is called Phu Tay Ho, you will be impressed by a street full of food here. People who visit West Lake often stop here for worshiping activities for good luck and smooth work with abundant of money will flow into the pocket. They also do not forget to try the Shrimp Cake (Banh Tom) where seafood lover may never ignore.

Snail noodle

Snail noodle- source: internet

The dish is listed as an evitable dish in the menu of Hanoi snack food. You may love this  special cake with 2 big pink shrimp set on the mini “pan cake” after being deep fried in the boiling oil pan, the cake is served with sweet and sour fish sauce and fresh herbs.

At the same street, foodie should not miss the Snail noodle (Bun Oc) or Paddy Crab paste vermicelli (Bun Rieu). The dish is delicious for its featured soup of a bit sweet with pork ribs and a bit sour with tomatoes and vinegar. Tasting the soft noodle and enjoy a colorful bowl of soup in any time of the day may freshen up your body if you have had too much meat  the day before.

Departing on the trip of Food lover, you should stop at one roadside steamed snails to feel the soul of Hanoi cuisine in winter. The best snails should be medium well cooked and served with secret fish sauce of garlic, ginger, lime juice, sugar, vinegar, chopped lemongrass and chili. That is the dipping sauce which make the dish delicious or not. If you are served the bold taste with plenty of flavors: salty, sweet, sour and spicy, and also clean and fat snails boiled, you have the best steamed snail ever. As usual, I often drink just a sip of this sauce to add on the strong flavor of snail eating.  There are several nice roadside snails shop along the Trich Sai street that you may find it easier to drop by.

Boiled snail

Boiled snail – source: internet

I hope this short list of cuisine may somehow satisfy your stomach on the trip to West Lake, and agree with me that, there is the other food paradise outside the Old Quarter.

Happy Traveling!

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To Vietnamese people, Da Nang is considered as Singapore of the country. People believe it’s the well worth living city in Vietnam.  This city is also an attractive destination to both foreigners and local people. Once in Da Nang, you shouldn’t miss visiting the lovely ancient Hoi An Town which is 30 mins drive from the airport, the Marble Mountain. My Son Holy Land and spend a few days relaxing by the crystal clear beach.

If you have chance of visiting Da Nang city, beside visiting these above sites, don’t forget to visit Con market – the Foodie Paradise to taste the most yummy and cheap street food of the city.

Con Market - the Foodie Paradise of Da Nang

Con Market – the Foodie Paradise of Da Nang- source: internet

I am certain you will be overwhelmed once you arrive to this market because there are hundreds of food stalls that you can hardly see at any markets in Vietnam. It seems that most of the well-known specialties are around you.

If you interest, you can access:  centre Vietnam tours to get more information

Various dishes sold at Con market

Various dishes sold at Con market- source: internet

Con Market has all kind of noodle, pancake, fruit salad, steam rice, snails, fresh fruit juice, fruit/milky jelly … If you don’t know to begin at first, then I highly recommend you to try Mi Quang – a flavor mix of meat, prawns, turmeric noodle and vegetables infused in thick broth and sprinkled with tasty toppings.

Bun Cha Ca - Fish Cake Noodle Soup

Bun Cha Ca – Fish Cake Noodle Soup- source: internet

Next one is Banh Xeo (meaning sizzling pancake), a savory pancake made using rice flour and turmeric powder stuffed with pork, beansprouts, shrimp and herbs accompanied by special Da Nang dipping sauce; or Da Nang’s version of Northern favorite – Bun Cha Ca (Fish Cake Noddle Soup), fish cake, herbs and noodle in a fruity fragant broth. Absolutely not to be missed is a taste of the unique sweet soups of Da nang which include ingredients such as lotus seed and peas, mixed together. I know it sounds strange, but actually it’s more like a desert than a soup and believe me, it tastes so good!

If you get full but you are only at half of the way, don’t get back because there are many yummy food are still ahead. Just walk around to visit the market and then moving to the end of the market where sold the famous spring rolls, Banh Trang, Banh Cuon …

street food

street food- source: internet

The price of the food sold here are also very reasonable. It’s only about 5.000 VND – 20.000 VND per dish (about 2 cents – 1USD per dishes)

For 50.000 – 100.000VND, (3 – 5USD) you will be full until you go to bed.

Con Market

Con market- source: internet

A good point of Con market is all the food served here are very hygiene. Every food stalls even food vendors have clean tables and chairs for customers. Food are kept inside the glass showcase and the sellers will cook it once customers make an order therefore food is always fresh and hot.

The address of Con Market is Con Market 318 Ông Ích Khiêm, Hải Châu 2, Hải Châu Dist. You can take a taxi to this place or from Da nang airport, go to Duy Tan road, turn right to Nguyen Van Linh then go ahead until you see the Ong Ich Khiem Road board then turn left following the traffic circle to reach to Ong Ich Khiem Road. Go ahead until you see the Hung Vuong Crossroad – Con Market is about 100m ahead.

Happy traveling!

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85km far from Saigon to the West, Ben Tre is considered as a green island in the Mekong River and become attractive destination for those who love to explore the green space and enjoy the peaceful countryside.

The peaceful village of Ben Tre

The peaceful village of Ben Tre (Chau Thanh, Ben Tre) – source: internet


In the Southwest area, Ben Tre is well known as kingdom of coconut with a sunny climate all year round. However, it is better for you to visit Ben Tre in summer when you not only enjoy colorful natural paintings but also try many fresh fruits on the trees such as mangosteen, durian, rambutan, etc.

Friendly and hospitable Ben Tre people

Travel to Ben Tre, you will be welcomed by friendly local people. Friendliness is the outstanding characteristic of the south man in general and Ben Tre people in particular.

Images of sweet country girl in Ba Ba – their traditional clothes, honest farmers with smiles will surely leave you with the unforgotten impression. For example, if you lost the way, ask the people here, anyone is willing to help you carefully.

A hardworking Ben Tre farmer with a smile

A hardworking Ben Tre farmer with a smile – source: internet

Wonderful experience in water area

Moving to Ba Tri, Thach Phu, you will come to the beautiful beaches such as Con Nhan, Con Ho (Ba Tri); Con Bung, Con Loi (Thanh Phu) to swimming, visiting the mangroves and enjoy the fresh sea specialties such as clams, oysters, snails, crabs, shrimps, etc. with an affordable price. You can also organize a picnic, camping in the weekends here.

The sunset on Thanh Hai Beach

The sunset on Thanh Hai Beach (Thanh Hai, Thanh Phu) – source: internet

 Moreover, you can travel to the tourist attractions along Tien river like: Que Dua, Phong Phu Thao Nhi, Hao Ai Phuong Diem, etc. Enjoy fruit orchards with many delicious fruits such as jackfruit, grapefruit, plum, rambutan, longan, etc.

In the morning, drink tea scented honey, go study the honeybee breeding process, enjoy traditional southern music in a peaceful space. Then, sit on the carriage running on rural country roads to watch the daily activities of the Ben Tre people.

Honeybee keeping in Ben Tre

Honeybee keeping in Ben Tre – source: internet

In the afternoon, visitors will have the opportunity to watch the sunset on the river, the sun drops below the horizon gradually, yellow lights shines on the river in three -dimensional space with sky, vast rivers and green coconut trees, which is considered as painting. In the evening, tourists can go canoeing on the river watching firefly, feel the beauty of the West River, then gather around Ben Tre warm families to tell each other stories about everyday life. This is a new type of tourism, which gives you the interesting experiences.

Visitors can stay with local people, garden with them and join in cooking the family meal, enjoying the typical dishes of Ben Tre.

Besides, one of the locations attract you in your Ben Tre Travel is handicraft villages. It is very meaningful for you to learn how every bricks are produced as well as understand the difficulties and hardship of farmers to get the perfect bricks.

Ben Tre special foods

Ben Tre is homeland of coconut, so Ben Tre cuisine has many delicious dishes relating to many parts of coconut.

Ben Tre is considered as the kingdom of coconut

Ben Tre is considered as the kingdom of coconut – source: internet

 Ben Tre coconut candy is the most delicious in the country. Ben Tre coconut candies combining with states of durian, peanut, etc. provide diverse flavors and express the creativity of Ben Tre people.

Other parts of coconuts are made use of to process many delicious cuisines. One of them is coconut pancakes. This is delicious rustic cuisine of southern people. Travel from Saigon to Ben Tre, you can see every places has their way to get own delicious dish. In Ben Tre, beside shrimp, meat, prices, mussels, mushrooms, eggs, the old coconut is the main materials to make pancakes. When trying Ben Tre pancakes, you can savor the flavor of natural sweet of coconuts mixed with other materials which make the characteristics of Ben Tre pancakes.

Ben Tre pancake with the raw material

Ben Tre pancake with the raw material – coconuts – source: internet

In conclusion, all of the above brief information can help you for a nice Ben Tre travel. All you need to prepare is a free spirit and a willing to enjoy Ben Tre with the unique culture of the West River area.

If you interest, please click Mago 2 days Ben Tre- An Hoa- Sa Dec it includes all informatins of this post



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Colorful Bangkok

Colorful Bangkok

Great food, superb shopping and a vibrant culture make the Thai capital an ideal gateway for a journey to South-East Asia. Bangkok is a huge hub for Southeast Asia and is also an excellent place to kick off a trip. It’s a big bustling city and it’s best to see.

You could spend a lot more time exploring the city but I visited this capital many times before so 3 days in Bangkok is a good length of time for my visit. Each time I come  back I fall deeper and deeper in love with this amazing city.

For more information, you can click: Indochina tours Thailand

Beneath the dust and chaos, Bangkok is packed with things to do and places to see. From street-side restaurants with plastic chairs and road-side amulet stalls to top-notch restaurants and the world’s hippest rooftop bars. From exploring ancient temples to taking a  tuk-tuk tour through the Bangkok night. Bangkok has it all and there is never a dull moment when you hit the streets of this city.

Tuk Tuk is popular transportation in Bangkok

Tuk Tuk is popular transportation in Bangkok

Here is my sharing for 48 hours itinerary with the highlights of what to do in Bangkok.

Saturday: Temples and Historic Sites

Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew (Temple of the Emerald Buddha) – Wat Pho (Gigantic reclining Buddha) and Wat Arun – Temple of the Dawn.

Buddhism is the national religion and is practised by nine out of 10 Thais, who pay their respects at shrines at all times of day. The former home of the monarch, the Grand Palace is located right beside the architectural wonder that is the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. You must be properly dressed before being allowed entry to the temple. Wear shirts with sleeves, long pants or skirts and shoes. So no tank tops! If you’re wearing sandals or flip-flops you must wear socks, so no bare feet. If you show up at the front gate improperly dressed, there is a booth near the entry that provides clothes to cover you up properly. You must leave your passport or credit card as security. Shoes should be removed before entering the main chapel. Also, when sitting in front of a Buddha image, remember to tuck your feet behind you to avoid the very offensive pose of pointing your feet towards Buddha.

From Grand Palace, walk about 10 minutes to Wat Pho, the gigantic reclining Buddha is amazingly beautiful covered in gold leaf and mother-of-pearl ornaments inlaid in his feet. Wat Pho is also Thailand’s headquarter for the teaching of traditional Thai medicine and Thai massage. After this walk around Grand Palace and Wat Pho, nothing beats a relaxing head or foot massage.

Then it is time to cross the river, so jump on a cross-river ferry from No. 8 Tha Tien to Wat Arun pier. On your way to the Grand Palace and Wat PhraKaew you passed this temple with the ferry, so you already know that it is spectacular and atmospheric with its steep piers reaching up in the sky. It is at its most impressive after dark when it is lit up and looks a bit magical and like a fairytale. Unfortunately, it closes before nightfall. This is my favourite temple in Bangkok.

In the late afternoon, take a ride to the Asiatique-The Riverfront, a new shopping and entertainment venue on the Chao Phraya River. I love this place very much. You can go shopping, enjoy a cocktail to see sunset on the river bank or have a great dinner with live music.

Grand Palace in Bangkok

Grand Palace in Bangkok

Wat Pho

Wat Pho


Wat Arun

Wat Arun

Sunset on the riverbank

Sunset on the riverbank

Asiatique Market & Shopping Mall

Asiatique Market & Shopping Mall


  1. Sunday: Modern Bangkok and Weekend Shopping

After this delicious breakfast and it’s time to head on to the famous and vibrant China Town that is located by the river. Go for a walk through the narrow streets and beautiful buildings in China Town, shop Chinese green tea and other Chinese souvenirs, and just watch the life on the streets. (How to get there: It is best to take a taxi or tuk-tuk to China Town – Estimated time: 1-2 hour)

Next stop is Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok. It has reached a landmark status as a must-see place for my visit all the time. Chatuchak Weekend market is probably the biggest weekend market in the world. Here you will find just about anything you can imagine, both useful and not so useful stuff.

If you are not in Bangkok a Saturday or Sunday, it is time to experience the modern side of Bangkok and visit the Siam area to go shopping. Take the sky train to Siam station or Chit Lom station. Siam is a shopping bonanza and we love it. You can spend hours and hours exploring the four big shopping centers that are located next to each other in the Siam area: Central World (has an ice skating rink at ground floor), Siam Paragon (has South East Asia’s biggest aquarium, Siam Ocean World at base level and the Exotic Thai store on 4th floor – perfect for gifts and souvenirs), Siam Center, Siam Discovery (has Bangkok’s Madame Tussauds on 6th floor), MBK.

China Town in Bangkok

China Town in Bangkok

Siam Shopping Center

Siam Shopping Center


Modern Bangkok

Modern Bangkok

Modern Bangkok

Modern Bangkok

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatuchak Weekend Market



There you go, this itinerary packed with what we consider it the “heart” of Bangkok. Two days is in our opinion not enough time to spend in this magnificent city. Four or five days are what I would recommend, then you have time to really enjoy yourself and your time in Bangkok and also have some time to relax.

Hope you enjoy this city as much as I do!

Photos credit by Lucas.

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