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You might hear that there’s really not many things to do in the city proper and it’s totally true. But if you love the peaceful time in Cambodia and you prefer to have more time to relax while experience Khmer’s Cultural or you are tired of busy city like Siem Reap, this city is completely fit for you.


The symbol and the protected god of the city – Stick God, an old general.

To get to Battambang, it’s better to start from Siem Reap by car or by boat, both are fine as the distance is not too far and the road has much better conditioned than taking this trip from Phnom Penh. Tours Indochina


Staying in Battambang, you will feel a peaceful in your mind as all of things are happening slowly and you can spend hours in a nice and cozy coffee shop. If it rain, it even make the time in Battambang more emotional.

To get your leg more active, you can try a bamboo sliding train in this city. It would be really funny when you get on a platform made by bamboo and call it “train”. And when two “train” meet each other on the rail, you can show your gallant to step aside, pick up your train to clear the path.


The bamboo sliding railway. Only one!

Another place is Ek Phnom, an substantial early-11th century Angkorian-era temple ruin built as a Hindu temple under the ruler Suryavarman I. The temple is in rough condition, consisting of prasats on a platform with some Hindu themed carvings in pretty good condition. Cambodia travel packages


Most of the temple is damaged by war and time.

In front of it is Wat Ek Phnom, a modern Buddhist pagoda, sits picturesquely next to the ruin and a small lake. The river road drive to Ek Phnom from Battambang passes through some absolutely beautiful countryside, along a palm lined Stung Sangker river and through several small villages.


This is an interesting mixed between Hindu and Buddhism but the giant Buddha wasn’t finished.


The Buddha Statue is so mystical and powerful

At night, the finest circus in Cambodia located in this town can be easy to help you entertain yourself and you can walk around for many local foods and beer garden!

This could be a good comma for your trip in Cambodia and let you have more time to think about life.


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