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Located at the foot of Thung Khe Pass, between the green Da river and the majestic cliffs, Ba Khan appears as a beautiful watercolor painting. Ba Khan’s wild, dreamlike nature will fascinate travellers who love adventuring at their first sight. Close to nature with blue sky and fresh green water is surely a memorable experience.

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  1. Ba Khan – new land for travellers to discover

Ba Khan commune is in Mai Chau district, Hoa Binh province, located at the foot of Thung Khe Pass. Ba Khan is composed of three hamlets: Khan Ha, Khan Ho and Khan Thuong, along the Da river. With charming scenery and hilly mountains, Ba Khan is regarded as “Halong Bay on land” of Mai Chau.


Ba Khan is located at the foot of Thung Khe Pass – source: internet

You can go to Ba Khan in two ways: by car or by motorbike. Located between two famous tourism destinations – Mai Chau and Moc Chau, Ba Khan is described as a “sleeping fairy” by the combination of three small hamlets which is not well – known for tourists. Therefore, the scene of Ba Khan seems to be unaffected by tourism. If you departure from Hanoi, when arriving at the foot of Thung Khe pass, you can see the small board “Ba Khan 10km” on the right hand, then you go straight up this road. If you start from Mai Chau, you do not need to go back to Thung Khe Pass, you can go along 6 high way to Son La. Then, turn right at Dong Bang T – junction. Take this road to Phuc San clinics and then turn right and go along the side road. Passing 30km of this road, you will reach Ba Khan.


Stunning road to Ba Khan – source: internet

In the past, when the road in Ba Khan is old and muddy, which makes transportation here difficult, Ba Khan was forgotten in a long time. Now the trails were concreted, it is easier to come here to admire the wild and wonderful land.

  1. Peaceful nature in the simple villages.

Standing at Thung Khe Pass, you can easily recognize Ba Khan valley standing out with a beautiful green forest stretching for miles.

Travelling to Ba Khan, you will meet a small road running into the value. On the way transfer, the peaceful Thai stilts beside rugger rocks remind us of Ha Giang stone plateau. In the rugger rock fields, there are many small ponds filled with water lily. Next to the fascinating ponds, you will experience the paths through the sloping cliffs which look like two walls. Passing the road along the beautiful Da river, you will reach the center of Ba Khan.

Passing-the-tunning-road-along-Da-river- you-reach-the-center-of-Ba-Khan

Passing the tunning road along Da river, you reach the center of Ba Khan – Source: internet

Ba Khan is a colorful picture from the morning to the evening. Early in the morning, this place has the fanciful beauty with clouds covering the valley and the mountains. You will easily find many images which are different from bustling city such as flower fields in the rock, cattle farmers or the children playing together happily. At noon, when the sun shines brightly, the majestic nature appears wonderfully with flowing waterfall and the pleasant sounds of singing bird and flowing water.

In the heart of Ba Khan, you will admire a large plateau along Da river with rock islets like Halong Bay in miniature, Ba Khan has a circumference around 20km. Although it is not large, this 20 – km place is worth to experience and overnight camping.

Continue the next 10km through the bamboo forest, you will meet Tan Mai waterfall, also called as Go Lao or Go Mu. The white waterfall located in the area of Phuc San, at the end of Ba Khan flows from the top of mountain as a pillar of the sky. If you like, you can take a bath in cool, clean and fresh water.


Tan Mai waterfall is far from the center of Ba Khan 10 km to the North – source: internet

  1. Cuisine and activities at Ba Khan

In your journey to find the hidden beauty of Ba Khan, do not forget to enjoy some special food here because each Thai people are talent chefs. One of the most delicious ones is Da River roasted fish. It is caught from the lake, marinated with the spices of Thai People (including wild herbs, lotus seeds, lemongrass, peppers, etc.). After cleaning the scales, people dispose its bile and intestines then clamped by 2 fresh bamboo sticks, then roasted on hot charcoal. Eating this fish with three – color sticky rice and a unique “sauce” is surely an unforgotten experience. And it is so warmest when gathering around the fire with friends, roasting fish and singing together when the night falls.


Da river roasted fish – source: internet

You should travel to Ba Khan in March, April, November and December. At that time, Da river is so blue and fresh that you can see the bottom. It is high time when the bamboo trees start pouring out leaves.

Not far from Hanoi capital, Ba Khan valley is an ideal destination to explore the hidden nature. After walking along the path between the small houses of ethnic people, travellers can be relaxing with going fishing or taking photos. Those who are interested in the river can try the feeling of a boat man with services to visit Da river by floating rafts at reasonable prices.

Ba Khan owns the mixed beauty of many elements such as countryside – plains – ponds – waterfalls but the most special thing here is peace. I am surely that a weekend short trip to Ba Khan will bring you many unforgotten memories of a lost paradise.


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