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Planning your Laos holiday to Luang Prabang – The city of history https://www.indochinavoyages.com/travel-blog/get-luang-prabang

When planning your Laos holiday, Luang Prabang is undeniably a must see destination. After visiting this ancient city during your Indochina tours, you will definitely have a different thought about this country. It has a lot more to offer real travelers other than Vang Vieng, which was a very famous spot in Laos for a long time. In my first blog about Luang Prabang Laos, you have found a general guide to plan your trip. Then here we are in the second blog, I am going to give you a sample Luang Prabang itinerary for 3 days.

How to get Luang Prabang

Once again, Luang Prabang is 300km from Vientiane capital. In order to travel from Vientiane to Luang Prabang, there are no more than 2 choices of transportation you can take: flight and bus. If you want to keep the cost low, using bus is inexpensive. Some types of buses you can find are minivans and sleeper buses, which will take around 9 – 10 hours. Bear in mind that road system in Laos is not what you expect to be smooth and comfortable all of the time. Hence, the 9 hour ride from Vientiane to Luang Prabang will be quite bumpy. If you are taking plane options, there are 2 airlines with only a few flights per day: Laos Airline and Laos Skyway. By using plane, it would be nearly 1 hour only.


Luang Prabang for Laos holiday

Luang Prabang – The city of history

Suggested Luang Prabang itinerary

Once you arrive in the city, here is a suggestion on how you can spend 3 days in Luang Prabang for your Laos tours.

Day 1: Temples and Mekong Delta river cruise

City center of Luang Prabang is selected to be the UNESCO World Heritage site and is where you can find 33 delicate temples. Hence, exploring temples is an integral part of Laos’ culture and a foremost thing to do in Laos. Luang Prabang city is small enough for you to take a walk around in a morning, or in an alternative way, you can hire a bicycle for 20,000 – 30,000 kip per day.

Firstly, you can kick off your day to Wat Xieng Thong, the “monastery of the golden city”. This is perhaps one of the most important and famous temple in Laos and was built in the 16th century. There are more than 20 structures including: a sim, shrine, pavilions, residences, flowers garden, ornamental shrubs, and trees. Then, you can cycle to the next stop to see the Royal Palace, the place where King Sisavang Vong and his family used to live. This palace is now converted to become a national museum with an unique architecture mixing between Laos and French style. Besides these 2 attractions, you can consider adding the following temples into your list: Wat Phon Phao, Wat Sop Sickaram, Wat Pa Phai, Wat Mahathat, Wat Aham and That Makmo.


Wat Xieng Thong

Wat Xieng Thong from outside

In the afternoon, head yourself to the Mekong river for a short cruise. You can either jump onto a boat with a group or hire a private one and make a ride through the river in around 1 hour. Or you can make further trip to visit Pak Ou caves, or also called the Buddha Cave, a pair of cave at the edge of Mekong river. In order to see the sunset, you can also start this trip a little bit late in the afternoon.


Pak Ou Caves

Pak Ou Caves – the Buddha Cave

Day 2: Kuang Si Falls, Mount Phou Si viewpoint

After an easy day after arrival in Luang Prabang, you should prepare for a more active day. Today, you should put the alarm to wake up quite early to get ready to visit a little paradise in Luang Prabang: Kuang Si Falls. Being 30 kilometers away from city center, there are numerous way to get here by tuk tuk, by sharing minivan, by motorbikes or bicycles if you prefer adventure. Kuang Si Falls situate in a small village, south – west of Luang Prabang. In order to get to the falls, you only need to walk for a short distance. This fall is famous for its blue, fresh and turquoise pools, cascades and waterfalls. If you visit the fall in summer time, swimming is possible with changing clothes room. However, you are allowed to swim in certain pools only because some areas are quite dangerous.


Kuang Si Falls

The stunning Kuang Si Falls

Upon returning to city center of Luang Prabang, you drive to Mount Phou Si, a hill in the old town. Coming here, you will have chance to see a panorama view from the top and one of the best sunset in Luang Prabang if you are lucky with the weather.

Day 3: Traditional Arts and Ethnology Center, UXO Laos Visitor Center, Laos Massage, Chilling at Riverside bar

If this is your last day in Luang Prabang, there is no need to be rush, let it become a chilling day for small activities only and mostly entertainment. After having breakfast, you head to visit the Traditional Arts and Ethnology Center first. This is a small venue belonging to a private non – profit museum devoting to various ethnic groups in Laos. This exhibition has the demonstration of ethnic clothing, religious art facts, working tools that will help you learn about way of life of Laos people. This center is open from Tuesday to Sunday only. After that, we get the transfer to UXO Laos Visitor Center. This is also a huge center that displays the unexploded ordnance. As a matter of fact, Laos was the most heavily bombed country in area during the war. By visiting this center, you will understand a part of its history.

In the afternoon, you should indulge yourself in a Laos massage. Though Laos does not have a well-known massage skill like Thailand or Indonesia, it is still worth to spend 1 or 2 hours for this during your Laos holiday. There are many spas ranging from inexpensive to more refined, if you can pay a little more, you can really have a nice and relaxing time at a good spa. After massaging, find yourself a good – view bar to chill out. You are highly recommended the following places: Saffron Café, Indigo Café, Le Banneton, Joma Bakery, Utopia, etc.


Utopia Cafe

The great view of Utopia Cafe

Suggested Luang Prabang tours for your Laos holiday


After just 3 days in Luang Prabang, I am sure that you will fall in love with this city. With no hectic pace of life, no busy traffic, this will be one of the memorable spot in your Laos holiday.


Minh Vu – Travel Specialist

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Vietnam weather in December – What should you need to know? https://www.indochinavoyages.com/travel-blog/vietnam-weather-in-december

Weather is one of the most important factors when you are considering traveling to a country. Like many of the tropical countries, Vietnam can be visited all year around; as each season has its own signature and wonderful places to visit. The beautiful rice terraces in Northern mountainous area in the summer, the stunning sunset flickering behind the hundred-thousand-year-old limestone karts in Halong Bay in fall, or Da Lat with 4 seasons a day – all make up a gorgeous Vietnam where you can visit anytime you can book a cheap return flight. A lot of travelers decide to come to Vietnam in the most important holiday of the year – Christmas and New Year; as this may be once in a life time trip. So let’s see what you should expect for Vietnam weather in December.


Vietnam weather in December

What is the weather like in Vietnam in December?

Northern Vietnam

Top places to visit in Northern Vietnam

Northern Vietnam weather in December

December is in the winter season in the North with little rain expected and average temperature of 19-22 degrees Celsius. So it is basically completely dry during this time, considered as the driest month of the year. In the northern mountainous area such as Sapa, it gets much colder, frosty, snowy in the recent years, especially in the early morning or evening. So warm clothes are mostly recommended when you plan to travel in this region.


Halong Bay in December

December is the wonderful time for travelers to visit Halong Bay as you can have chance to join themed parties and GALA dinners on board for Christmas and New Year’s Eve

Suggested North Vietnam tours

Central Vietnam

Top places to visit in Central Vietnam

Central Vietnam weather in December

Whilst conditions undoubtedly start to improve in central regions with a significant drop in rainfall, stormy weather is still a possibility especially early in December. More rainfall is expected in Hue than in Hoi An while throughout the region temperatures are close to their lowest for the year, although still far from chilly with average temperature of 24 degrees Celsius. Hoi An has some lovely beaches such as Cua Dai and An Bang beach, it is super beautiful with blueish water and white sand. However in this season, because of the rain, the water is not as blue and crystal as normal but turbid with strong waves – not ideally for swimming.

Plus, if storms come, there is chance that the ancient street would be flooded. All of the stores are closed since the flood water spill into their house and they have to move to their relatives’ house to live. But no worry, if you travel in Hoi An this time, you can have opportunity to visit around the old town by a small sampan rowed by local people. What an cool way!


Hoi An in December

Visiting around the Hoi An old town by a small sampan rowed by local people in December

Towards the south, Nha Trang will be seeing rainfall, although this steadily declines through the month. This is also a good time for couples who like to have romantic and luxury honeymoon on cruise. The Emperor Cruise offer an all-inclusive overnight cruise with butler service – one of the most luxurious boats with such an interesting itinerary for 2 days 1 night. In Da Lat conditions remain excellent with dry, clear sky. It is famous for the title “4 seasons a day” – misty in the morning, hot and sunny from around 10 am, cool afternoon and cold in the evening.

Suggested Central Vietnam tours

Southern Vietnam

Top places to visit in Southern Vietnam

Southern Vietnam weather in December

It does not rain much in December thus welcome the perfect weather – dry, blue sky, sunny for beach break. Since it is not as hot as the rainy season (May to October), all is pleasant to wander around the city sightseeing & monuments. Phu Quoc is a hot spot for December because people tend to relax and enjoy the Christmas’s Eve and New Year on this beautiful island. So take time to choose the far away beach which is purely, clean and out-of-the-crowd.


Phu Quoc in December

Phu Quoc Island has warm and pleasant weather during December

Suggested South Vietnam tours

Important notes

Beside the weather, there are some important notes that you need to consider while booking your Vietnam tours in December:

  1. Vietnamese have national holiday for a couple of days in the beginning the year so they tend to come back home to gather with their family. It means that it is less crowded less vehicles, less people in the big cities such as Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh. And also more crowded in the beach cities such as Da Nang, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc, etc. as there are still some people who like to travel during this vacation with their friends and family.
  2. Many Phu Quoc hotels & resorts offer the long-stay promotion rate (for example stay 4 nights pay 3 nights), many more travelers would love to be here. Also, there are some resorts only accept booking with at least 3 nights stay.
  3. Almost all the hotel require a fee for the compulsory dinner/party in the Christmas’s Eve or New Year’s Eve. It generally starts from US$70-80 per adult, children under 10 years old can have a discount of 50%. So make sure to ask the hotel about this.
  4. Book the table in your favorite local restaurant in advance or ask your travel agent to do it since all famous ones can be sold out quite soon especially for the Christmas’s Eve and New Year’s Eve.

So in general, if you ask what Vietnam weather in December like is, I reassure that December is one of the ideal months to see the most beautiful Vietnam. Let’s plan and book now with us – Indochina Voyages to make sure all things are in place before it is fully booked.


Daniel Nguyen – Travel Specialist

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Phi Phi Island Tour – All you need to know https://www.indochinavoyages.com/travel-blog/phi-phi-island-superstar-thailand

Phi Phi Island Thailand is one of the best destinations for a beach vacation in South East Asia. After a classic Thailand itinerary 7 days with highlighted sites in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, it is best to add on at least 03 nights for Phi Phi Island tour. Limestone cliffs, turquoise waters, beautiful white-sand beaches and miles of trackless forest make Phi Phi Island a great tropical island.


Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island is famous for its fine beaches and coral formations

How to get Phi Phi Island

Coming from either Bangkok or a Northern Thailand itinerary 7 days in Chiang Mai, you can take a short flight to Krabi Airport. From there, there are two ways to reach Phi Phi Island: by speed boat or by local ferry. Local ferry takes more time, almost an hour and a half. If you are traveling with small kids, this option is recommended for safety reasons. Phi Phi Island is also reachable from Phuket, but a little further in comparison to Krabi.


Get to Phi Phi Island by ferry

The most reliable way to get to Phi Phi Island is by ferry

Where to stay

Phi Phi Island accommodation is also taken into consideration if you choose this place. Based on your interests and budget orientation, there are choices for a top luxury resort to middle range and budget hotels.

My most favorite luxury resort is Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort. This is an ideal place for nature lovers as it is an eco-oriented place with a beautiful beach, crystal clear water. The beach is the most beautiful from 10 am until 3 pm. With many choices for bungalows and villas, Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort is a perfect choice for a family vacation, breakfast with various choices is also delicious. It is suggested to reserve your rooms around six months prior to your check-in date to ensure availability.


Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort

Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort is a nice choice for luxury accommodation

PP Island Cabana is one of middle-range Phi Phi Island hotels. For those who looking for an affordable stay on the island, Phi Phi Bayview Resort is a decent 3 star option.

Phi Phi Island weather – Best time to visit

Koh Phi Phi is a tropical island which is hot all year round. The rainy on this island lasts from May until October. The best time to visit is during the dry season, four months start from December to March.

Phi Phi Island things to do

There are a lot of exciting things to enjoy when you are staying on Phi Phi Island. One of the most popular Phi Phi Island tours is visiting the nearby bays named Maya Bay or Moo Dee Bay. For active and adventurous young travelers, rock climbing is a notable choice. Thai cuisine is always an appealing part. If you are interested in food, joining a cooking class is also lovely. Diving is considered as the main activities in Phi Phi and the island has counted a large number of professional PADI dive centers. Along with snorkeling which is available on most of Thailand islands, Phi Phi shark watching tours is a unique activity. This tour usually starts early in the morning, around 6 am and runs for a half-day based on shark biological habits.


Rock climbing in Phi Phi Island

The young and active will like rock climbing

Phi Phi Island Nightlife

If you love parties, Phi Phi Island is yours. There are so many bars offer very similar kinds of things, mostly with Thai unique fire shows. On this island, bars are allowed to open late, yet the music is often turned off at around 2 am. Most of the pubs and bars are centrally situated so it is very easy to find. Even after the music is stopped, bars generally stay open for as long as they have customers. Days are spent sunning, swimming or exploring. Evenings are spent shopping and hanging out at beach bars, watching Thai dancers juggle with fire and dancing until the small hours with new friends.


Bars on Phi Phi Island

Fire dancing and drink at bars on Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island tour from Phuket

For those who stay on Phuket, but still, want to see Phi Phi within a full day tour, it is also possible! You will arrive at the pier to board the boat for the cruise onto the Andaman sea, heading for magic Phi Phi Island. See spectacular the scenery in Maya Bay and Loh Samay Bay, Pi-le cove and the Viking cave. Snorkeling and swimming start from Long Beach on Koh Phi Phi Don, where colorful fish and coral await you. Lunch is often included.


>> Suggested Cambodia and Thailand itinerary 14 daysAmazing Highlights Of Cambodia & Thailand 14 Days


If you are going on holiday with your family, even on your own or with your single friends then Koh Phi Phi might just be the island just for you. With so many activities on offer such as diving, snorkeling, cliff-jumping, boat trips to Koh Phi Phi Ley, etc., Koh Phi Phi draws a young, stylish, energetic crowd with a degree of sophistication, ready to relax or to party, particularly on New Year’s Eve.

Now, plan your Thailand tours, pack your bags and go for one of the beach paradises in Asia!


Huyen Nguyen – Travel Specialist

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A beginner’s guide to explore Angkor Wat, Cambodia https://www.indochinavoyages.com/travel-blog/best-time-visit-angkor-wat-cambodia

Stunning and fascinating archaeological sites are treasures of Angkor Complex that dates back since 12th century in Siem Reap, Cambodia. As a result, millions of travelers head towards this small South East Asia nation to explore Angkor Wat annually. Let’s together find the mini guide to quickly plan for your amazing Angkor Wat discovery.


Angkor Complex

The panorama Angkor Complex

Angkor Wat facts

  • Its name is actually “The City of Temples” or simply “Temple City”.
  • Angkor Wat Temple is the most famous one for travelers; but the Angkor Complex is a home to hundred of temples dotting about 400 km.
  • Ta ProhmAngkor Thom, Bayon are another favorite names for travelers.
  • Angkor Wat was first a Hindu religion temple and later it was changed into a Buddhist one.
  • Angkor Wat is the world’s largest religious monument and the most visited religious site.

Best time to visit Angkor Wat

There are three different periods that can affect your travel experiences in Siem Reap:

  • November to March: good time to enjoy the mild and dry weather. The weather is pleasantly cool but it is absolutely the peak tourist season from December till February; so you may find it more crowded everywhere with higher service prices.
  • Late March to early May: the hottest months of Siem Reap, temperature ranges from 30 – 40 degree Celsius; so any outdoor activities such as temple sightseeing or cycling should start early morning and end late afternoon.
  • May to November: the rainy season occurs with daily pour for an hour or two that tackles your trip; but you may find less tourists at temple sites and the surrounding tropical landscape is at its full beauty of refreshment.


Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat in rainy season

Apart from the weather features, there are special occasions that you should consider to go or not to avoid the crowd:

  • Lunar New Year Festival: including Chinese New Year, Vietnam Traditional New Year; mainly in late January or mid February depending on each year. This holiday can last for 1 – 2 weeks when a huge number of Asian tourists may travel abroad.
  • Khmer New Year Festival – called Choul Chnam Thmey, as known as the Songkran in Thailand, happens in the mid April annually so this is good to enjoy the unique atmosphere of the festival if you are interested.

Things to do

Angkor National Museum – a great stop before exploring Angkor complex

You may have chances to:

  • Learn all about the Golden Era of the ancient Khmer Kingdom through a state-of-the-art showpiece on the majestic history of Angkor.
  • Discover the origins of Khmer art, culture, and architecture to enhance knowledge about the customs, traditions and different beliefs of the ancient empire.
  • Get a deeper understanding of the Khmer empire, optional audio guides are also available in the museum for an additional cost.
  • Opening Hours: Mondays-Sundays: 8:30am-6:00pm
  • Address: The Angkor National Museum is located at Charles De Gaulle, Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia
  • Entrance tickets: US$12/person and an extra US$3 for your camera inside.

See the Angkor Wat sunrise/sunset

There is no doubt that watching sunrise at Angkor Wat is one of the must-do things in Siem Reap.

The expected time to show up is around 05:00 to find the best place for you and your camera. If you are unsure where to go for the nicest photos, just book a tour guide a night before to know exactly the timing.
Normally, the light soon started changes from 05:30, when the sky turns from dark to pink and quickly shines up the temple of Angkor Wat making a gorgeous view and reflection of the lake in front.


sunrise at Angkor Wat

The gorgeous sunrise at Angkor Wat

Some of guests prefer the sunset as it does not as many people as sunrise. But you may find it worth to catch the last sunlight of the day if standing in the centre of Angkor Thom and take the photo of the Bayon Temple. This is famous for the gigantic smiling faces on each of its towers. A dozen of huge faces reflected by the sun will result the best photographs in Angkor Complex so just do not miss it.

Follow a suggested Cambodia itinerary to make the most of your precious time

Surely the main temples can be seen within a day such as Angkor Wat, Angor Thom, Ta Prohm but it can only allow for a quick glimpse of its architecture highlights. Thus, if your time permits to 2- 3 days, here is the most recommended itinerary:

  • Day 1 – The Small Tour Circuit: Pre Rup, East Meban, Ta Som, Neak Poan and Preah Khan.
  • Day 2 – The Grand Tour Circuit: Angkor Wat sunrise, Bayon, Phimeanakas and Royal Palace, Elephant Terrace, Leper King Terrace, Thommanon, Ta Prohm.
  • Day 3 – Exploring Further: Kbal Spean, Banteay Srei and Banteay Samre.


Banteay Srei

Banteay Srei – one of the most popular temples in Siem Reap

>> Suggested Angkor Wat tour: Classic Angkor 4 Days

How to get there

Depending on how you would like to travel from Siem Reap to Angkor Wat, there are many kinds of vehicles for your Angkor Wat tours; such as hiring a bike, a tuk tuk or a mini van with a local guide.

How to buy the Angkor Wat ticket

Besides booking Cambodia holiday packages with well designed program and local tour guides just to take care your trip, you can choose to travel on your own by purchasing tickets and hire the on-site guides from the official ticket booth on the road, that connects Siem Reap city to the archaeological site. For early morning visit, you should appear since 05:00 when the Angkor is open to save the queuing time. For the late afternoon ticket purchasing, do not come later than 18:00 when the site is close.

There are 3 types of tickets and Angkor Wat entrance fee below:

  • 1-day pass – US$37
  • 3-day pass –US$62 (used within a week)
  • 7-day pass – US$72 (used within a month)

The issued tickets may have your name and photo on it; so please carry it with you while visiting just in case the security may check it when your enter the ruins.


Angkor entrance ticket

Taking photo at the official ticket booth for Angkor entrance ticket

Now, have you already chosen the best time to visit Angkor Wat for your Cambodia tours? Let’s have a look at these suggested tours below, you will surely have the best experience Indochina tours ever.


Linh Chu – Travel Specialist

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Bun cha Hanoi – The best specialty in Vietnam cuisine https://www.indochinavoyages.com/travel-blog/some-place-to-enjoy-bun-cha-in-hanoi

Even though Bun cha is rustic and simple right from the processing steps to the way to enjoy, it is still the unique dish in Vietnam. Bun cha has similar characteristics to grilled meat vermicelli in the Central and South regions of Vietnam; but the fish sauce in the recipe of Bun cha Hanoi has a lighter bar.


Bun cha Hanoi

Bun cha is simple but special in Hanoi traditional cuisine

There is no specific milestone to record the birth history of Bun cha; and who created this dish. Only a long time ago, from this generation to another generation of Hanoi people are still familiar with Bun cha; they consider it an indispensable dish in the daily culinary life.

Bun cha Hanoi recipe

Bun cha consists of 3 main parts: sauce, grilled patties, and vermicelli. A plate of Bun cha is delicious or not is primarily determined by the dipping sauce. Vermicelli sauce is filled with sour, spicy, salty and sweet with fish sauce, vinegar, sugar, garlic, chili. The appropriate amount might depend on the chef. In the bowl of dipping sauce, there is always green papaya, carrots, or sometimes bean sprouts.

Grilled meat has two types: the pork ball and pork pieces. You can choose to have one of the two types or have both. Usually, pork will be bacon part for a certain softness and sweetness; then mixed with salt, pepper, fish sauce over 35 percent of protein, sugar, minced onion and oil if the meat is too dry.

The pork ball is squeezed into a round shape of about half of your duke size, marinated and grilled under a red rosewood stove. Vermicelli in Bun cha is usually tangled; however, free noodle is traditionally used more.


Bun Cha

Grilled meat is special in making the taste of Bun cha


How to enjoy Bun cha the best?

Although you can eat at any time of the day, Hanoi people often eat Bun cha at lunch. The feature of choosing this time to enjoy is considered as one of the unique features in the “culinary art” of the ancient land from ancient times.

Sitting on the plastic tables and chairs on the sidewalk, enjoying an elegant, soft bowl of white vermicelli seem to have become a too common act in daily life for Vietnamese people.

Walking down the street, you can find people with many types; whether they are the old, young, boys, girls, even the people wearing elegant shirts, all enjoy this dish deliciously.

The carefully marinated grilled meat is served with vermicelli, and a variety of fresh vegetables; which, all together, create an overall harmonious of the dish. Once you taste it, you will never forget the flavor that can only find in Hanoi.

To have a good dish, you need to eat it properly. Hanoi people often say that eating Bun cha in the right way is to eat with a variety of green vegetables such as lettuce, herbs, perilla, etc. Currently, there are variations in the ingredient of Bun cha. Some shops have more or less created the style when changing the processing methods like enjoying time; such as Bun cha wrapped with banana leaves, vermicelli with grilled pork balls, Bun cha for breakfast and vermicelli with vinegar, etc.

Picking up vermicelli and then dipping it into a bowl of dipping sauce filled with grilled meat, before adding raw vegetables into your bowl, you will find the harmonious taste spreading with the enjoyment.


Bun Cha restaurant in Hanoi

You can easily find a Bun cha restaurant in Hanoi

It is not difficult to find a restaurant of vermicelli in the street corners of Hanoi capital; in which some are quite famous, familiar with customers. One of the most famous restaurant that shows the world another special delicious dish in Vietnam is Huong Lien restaurant.

>> Suggested tour to enjoy Bun cha Hanoi: Hanoi Street Food Tour

Bun cha Huong Lien restaurant in Hanoi

Famous for having Bun cha Obama, Huong Lien is one of the best Bun cha restaurants in Vietnam.

In 2016, the vermicelli dinner of US President Barack Obama and chef Anthony Bourdain in Hanoi created an “extraordinary effect”. A famous figure in the political world and a renowned figure in the gastronomic world meet together to enjoy one of the unique dishes in Vietnam – Bun cha.


Bun cha Huong Lien

President Barack Obama and chef Anthony Bourdain enjoyed Bun cha Huong Lien

What is special about Bun cha?

The image of the world’s most powerful man sitting in a plastic chair, eating Bun cha, drinking a cold beer with a simple and elegant white shirt in Vietnam has become one of the most impressive highlights in people hearts for a long time after that. For weeks later, national and international newspapers still discussed the meal as well as the delicious flavored of vermicelli dish.

Along with pho, bread, and many other famous traditional dishes, Bun cha is being mentioned by the whole world; as a new representative of Vietnamese cuisine. In the ranking of delicious food in the world, famous newspapers like CNN or Lonely Planet usually put Bun cha in the top.

Writing about this dish, the culinary writers all said that the sophistication of Vietnamese vermicelli is the combination of the capital’s culture in a traditional meal. The combination of sufficient meat, just enough of vegetables, fish sauce and vermicelli, makes you enjoy the meal without leaving any part of the dish.

Bun cha is unique in its way, not too ostentatious but attractive enough from the simplicity. Through ups and downs of Hanoi history, Bun cha still retains its unique flavor and maintains its position as one of the national dishes in Vietnamese cuisine.


Make Bun cha at home

You can easily make Bun cha at home

Some places to enjoy Bun cha in Hanoi

Close your travel guidebooks with popular suggestions that all travelers may know. Let’s try delicious Bun cha as Hanoians at local restaurants at much more reasonable costs.

Bun cha Cua Dong

Bun cha Cua Dong has long been judged by local people as the most “addictive” Bun cha. Firstly, pork is grilled together with wild betel leaf that makes it smell so good. And for those who have tried Bun cha at many restaurants often agree that there is plenty of meat for a bowl.

Add: 41 Cua Dong, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: VND 30,000 – VND 50,000

Bun cha Hang Quat

Bun cha Hang Quat is very familiar with Hanoians. Although the restaurant is very small with just a few tables in an alley of Hanoi Old Quarter, it is always crowded thanks to tasty Bun cha.

Add: 74 Hang Quat, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: VND 25,000 – VND 40,000

Bun cha Hang Than

Another nice place to try Bun cha in the Old Quarter is Bun cha Hang Than. With full of noodle and grilled pork, 35,000.00 VND for a bowl and quick service is a plus point for this restaurant

Add: 34 Hang Than
Price: VND 35,000

Bun cha Phat Loc

Bun cha Phat Loc is also known as Bun cha que tre (grilled pork on the bamboo stick with noodle). Pork is carefully selected by the lady owner who has already had 30 years experience. She cuts it thickly – half lean half fat slices and then of course marinates with many spices before being grilled. I bet all gourmets will have an urge to eat Bun cha while seeing the pork on skewers in the oven.

Add: 12 Phat Loc Street. Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: VND 25,000 – VND 35,000

Bun cha Bach Mai

Another place to enjoy Bun cha that should be noted on your list is Bach Mai. Locals often share with each other than agree that Bun cha here is very tasty. The restaurant is opened daily from 14:00 pm – a bit too late for lunch, yet still very early for dinner and the lady owner is also a little snobby. Maybe because of this reason, this place is called “bun cha-ching” – snobby restaurant. Yet, rumor has it Bun cha served here is delicious so people come here to enjoy this dish anyway.

You will be served a dish of rice noodles, grilled pork, sauce, and herbs separately while most of the restaurants often dip pork into sauce. Personally, I do not find sauce here very special, yet gilled pork is prominent. The meat smells so good, tasty. With the price of VND 40,000 – 50,000, relatively higher than Bun cha at other places, Bun cha Bach Mai is still crowded.

Add: 213 Bach Mai, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi

Price: VND 40,000.00 VND – VND 50,000.00

Suggested Hanoi tours for Bun cha experience

It would be great if you could try Bun Cha Hanoi at all the places mentioned above and find your own favorite one. If you just have a few days in Hanoi in your Vietnam tours, let’s check on google map and find the nearest restaurant!


Phuong Dao – Travel Lover

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